Alterations for Perfect Fittings

Customizing and updating old clothes can be an innovative way to revitalize a person’s wardrobe. Altering and embellishing men’s T-shirts to make them more feminine and flattering would ensure that the outfits are unique and suits the personal sense of style. It is a difficult task to cut off and then reattach a piece of fabric or raise the hemline of a dress to create that perfect fit that customers normally demand. However, retaining that special and unique look after an alteration keeps the vintage look intact and makes alterations by the skilled tailors very popular.

In such cases, it is advisable to ask colleagues or friends for recommendations before contacting local alterations tailors. If the friends suggests someone, ask to see a sample of their work that they have had hemmed or have re-sown and repaired. When judging an original hem, the most important factor to consider is whether or not the customer can tell that the garment was altered. It should be minutely observed whether the new hemline on the original hemline perfectly matches with the color of the apparel or whether it has the appearance of a second hemline.

When it comes to alterations of jeans, suits, shirts or dresses it would be best to call the local alterations tailors present in the area and ask them if they are aware of any tailoring house that specializes in alterations. Once the tailoring house that knows exactly what the customer is looking for has been identified, the client can ask to see some of their work. The quality of their work needs to be judged by seeing the refinement of the alteration work. The customers will be more than happy to invest some extra time in locating the best alterations tailors who can create fabulous fitting jeans.

Once the customers feel confident that their denim is in good hands, they can go in for measurement. Similarly, with just a few alterations, a large and shapeless T-shirt can become a well-fitted addition to any stylish female’s wardrobe. Alterations business houses work on re-sizing a man’s T-shirt to adorn a female form. Usually, they take a T-shirt which fits their clients perfectly and lays it directly on top of an over-sized shirt. Thereafter, they carefully cut the edges of the man’s T-shirt, using the well-fitted T-shirt as a template.

Normally, alterations of the garment includes pinning and sewing along the edges of the T-shirt that has been trimmed. When the alteration process is completed the right side of the T-shirt does not indicate any alteration work. This aspect depends on the craftsmanship of the alterations tailors. The alteration work can be further improved by attaching a feminine lace collar to the re-sized T-shirt. For alterations tailors normally sew along the neckline until the collar is firmly secured to the T-shirt. The whole appearance of the T-shirt can be transformed by tying a piece of ribbon into a bow shape and pinning that bow onto the center of the lace collar. Thereafter the bow has to be carefully stitched into position. Such alterations are the trademark of tailors and display the exquisite workmanship of the tailors.